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English version of the “White Paper on reception policies” is now published

(In collaborazione con Toscana Notizie - Agenzia di informazione della giunta regionale)

The White Paper on reception policies for asylum seekers and international or humanitarian protection holders was just released.

The English version of the Italian guidelines dedicated to regional reception policies in Tuscany was published in the occasion of the visits made by #AccoglienzaToscana to the HOME DG. The project’s representatives in fact have recently been attending two workshops organized by the European Commission: the 5th European Migration Forum and the workshop Urban Academy of Integration, that took place in Bruxelles on April 3rd and in Antwerp on May 20th respectively.


A book with a long history

Throughout the #AccoglienzaToscana participatory process, Regione Toscana identified a number of key principles, objectives and specific measures that are deemed necessary in order to refine the regional reception system for asylum seekers and international humanitarian protection holders. Thus the White Paper was born: a synthesis of the key operational challenges that came to light by promoting social dialogue among reception operators, prefectures, Municipalities and regional directorates responsible for the reception system on a local, regional and supra regional level.

The guidelines form a self-standing programmatic document that tries to integrate and improve the tools already activated by Regione Toscana, while offering a working basis for domestic and European discussions aimed at improving our responses to the phenomenon of migration in terms of quality, fairness, effectiveness and efficiency, by consolidating a dispersal model based on multi-level and multi-sectorial forms of governance.

To download the guidelines click here.




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